Class ExportAnnotations

  extended by edu.uchsc.ccp.knowtator.util.ExportAnnotations

public class ExportAnnotations
extends Object

This class simply iterates over annotations and mentions in a Knowtator project and accesses the slot values of each. The annotations are a flat data structure so it is sufficient to simply iterate through them. The mentions are recursively defined so iterating over them is slightly more complicated. This code doesn't really do anything. If you were going to export the code to xml or to UIMA you would want to do something with the data structures as you accessed them. This code does compile but it has not been run or tested. It is, however, mostly code stolen from which does run and has been "tested".

Constructor Summary
ExportAnnotations(Project project)
Method Summary
 void exportAnnotations()
 void exportMentions()
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Constructor Detail


public ExportAnnotations(Project project)
                  throws Exception
Method Detail


public void exportAnnotations()


public void exportMentions()