Class ConsensusSet

  extended by edu.uchsc.ccp.knowtator.util.ConsensusSet

public class ConsensusSet
extends Object

Philip V. Ogren This class does not represent a consensus set of annotations. It serves a class that helps manage a set of consensus annotations. When the menu item 'Create Consensus Set' is run an instance of 'knowtator set' will be created. Annotations in this set define a consensus set. When redundant annotations exist in the set we want to consolidate them. This is done by identifying that there is an annotation from each of the individual annotators that is exactly the same. We can then change the annotator to one of the annotations to the team annotator and discard the others. This class facilitates the consolidation of such redundant annotations - typically one text source at a time.

Nested Class Summary
 class ConsensusSet.ConsensusFrameAdapter
Constructor Summary
ConsensusSet(Set<SimpleInstance> annotations, SimpleInstance consensusSet, KnowtatorManager manager)
Method Summary
 void consolidateAnnotations()
 void consolidateAnnotations(SimpleInstance consensusAnnotation, SimpleInstance redundantAnnotation)
          This method consolidates two anntotations into one.
 void destroy()
protected  void finalize()
 SimpleInstance getTeamAnnotator()
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Constructor Detail


public ConsensusSet(Set<SimpleInstance> annotations,
                    SimpleInstance consensusSet,
                    KnowtatorManager manager)
             throws ConsensusException
Method Detail


public void consolidateAnnotations(SimpleInstance consensusAnnotation,
                                   SimpleInstance redundantAnnotation)
This method consolidates two anntotations into one. It does this by removing one annotation from the consensus set (the redundantAnnotation) and making the other as annotated by the 'Team Annotator'. One of the important things that is done before the redundant annotation is deleted is to have the complex slot mentions whose value is the redundant annotation change their value to the consensusAnnotation. This is done with a call to replaceSlotValue.

consensusAnnotation - the annotation that will stick around
redundantAnnotation - the annotation that is going away
See Also:
replaceSlotValue(SimpleInstance, SimpleInstance)


public void consolidateAnnotations()


protected void finalize()
finalize in class Object


public void destroy()


public SimpleInstance getTeamAnnotator()